CRP Burn at the Burns’ Farm

Branch volunteers, assisted Chase (Branch President) and Jackie (Branch Secretary) Burns, with a prescribed burn, on their Mercer County farm, recently.  A week prior to the burn, Committee member, Kyle Flowers, prepared the fire breaks, by discing a 25′ wide swath around the perimeter of the field.  This summer, the break will be treated with glyphosate to kill weeds, and other vegetation, in preparation of a fall seeding of several clover varieties.  In the future, this clover fire break will be maintained by periodic mowing, and will provide benefits, such as, a supply of insects, for turkey poults and quail chicks, and highly palatable, and nutritious forage for whitetails.  By burning in early spring, as opposed to late winter, the Burns’ hope to set back some of the cool season species, and encourage the Native Warm Season Grasses (NWSG) to dominate this stand.  Well managed timber, next to a good stand of NWSGs, surrounded by a highly preferred food source…  Starting to sound like a whitetail paradise!

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