2011 Forestry Workshop

Even with the threat of rain, the Forestry Workshop continued on, Saturday morning (05/21/11). With a small crowd of Branch members in attendance, guest speakers, IDNR Forester – Steve Felt, and Consulting Forester – Eric Anderson, covered a wide-range of forestry related topics. It was an extremely informative morning, for everyone, and a lot was learned about timber harvests, invasive control measures, the “open faced hinge-plunge-cut method” of tree felling, and plant and tree identification. A “Crop Tree Release” demonstration was done, by selectively hinge-cutting several trees, of undesirable species. The landowners were pleased to learn that they have a somewhat rare variety of wild orchid, on their property, and management techniques used to promote native plant communities, were discussed. Forest Management Plans were covered, in detail, and everyone benefited by learning exactly what the IDNR Foresters look for, when they perform progress inspections. Eric Anderson pointed out a line of “bird peck”, on a young hickory tree, which is not uncommon, but most folks do not know that it is a nocturnal bird, call a Sapsucker, that causes those lines on the trunks of trees.

Tree pruning methods were explained and a little “surgery” was performed on a white oak that would likely have rotted out, at the base, if left unattended. Overall, it was a terrific workshop, and those who were able to attend, benefited a great deal.

Thank you, to our guest speakers, for spending the morning with us!