Shed Dog – Live Auction Offering

Don’t miss your opportunity to own a “Shed Hunting Dog”, in our Banquet LIVE AUCTION!

We’ve teamed up with Dave Elbert of Black Partridge Kennels and world-class dog trainer – Roger Sigler of Antler Ridge Shed Dogs, to bring this amazing Live Auction offering to our REACH Banquet, on August 27th.

Up for bids will be a female chocolate lab pup (8 weeks old, as of the Banquet date), out of BPK’s Double Down on Dixie “Belle” (dam) and 4XGMPR HRCH Lakotas Hurricane “Cruz” (sire). Both dogs are AKC registered American Pointing Labs, with wonderful dispositions, and are very people oriented! “Click” on the name of either dog, to view its’ impressive pedigree.

Black Partridge Kennel offers a twenty-six (26) month health guarantee on hips and eyes, so bid with the confidence of knowing that your pup will have sound joints and retinal health.

To complete this “Shed Dog Package”, the successful bidder will take their new pup to professional dog trainer – Roger Sigler*, who specializes in producing “shed dogs”, for a full two months of intensive shed antler dog training. Roger has bred and trained shed antler dogs that are now owned by some of the biggest names in the outdoor industry, and has over 40 years of experience as a professional dog trainer. Through his ground-breaking positive reinforcement techniques, Roger will work to develop the dog’s natural hunting and retrieving instincts (with specific focus on shed antlers) to the furthest degree possible. At the end of the two month training period, the owner is invited to come to the trainer’s facility, for a weekend, to learn their dog’s capability, and to receive important dog training information, from the foremost authority in the industry, to further ensure that training can be continued, and the dog can be “finished”, once it returns home. Some dogs have a greater aptitude to hunt, and are more “trainable” than others, so there is, of course, no guarantee that any dog (despite pedigree, or quality of training) can be made into a world-class hunter. But, we have carefully chosen, both, the breed and the pedigree of the pup being offered, to give you, the bidder, the greatest chance of having one of the best shed antler hunting companions, you could ever ask for! Roger will get this pup started for you, so all that’s left is for you to follow through with his techniques, and enjoy shed finding success, like you’ve only dreamed about! If you’re interested in owning your very own four-legged shed finding machine, this is as good as it gets! Pictures, below, represent the dam and sire (chocolate labs), and shed dogs trained by Roger Sigler.

For specific questions about this offering, contact Chase Burns at (309)368-0370. Not able to make the Banquet, but interested in bidding? Call Chase, to coordinate absentee bids. (*Trainer is located near Kansas City, MO.)