Become a QDMA Mentor

Several active members of the WCI Branch, have taken steps to become engaged in the QDMA Mentorship Program. This program is designed to be implemented at the local level, so our Branch is the perfect vehicle to make it work in this area.

The WCI Branch is actively working to locate and match prospective mentors with students, and will assist mentors throughout the entire process. The Branch will help facilitate the program, by: giving instruction, during several steps of the program, to groups of mentors and students; providing opportunities for field experiences; and, hosting an important recognition ceremony and dinner, in the program’s final step.

The Mentorship Program is a QDMA initiative, that the WCI Branch is very proud to implement, on a local level. In completing this thorough, 8-step process, students will learn valuable woodsmanship skills, hunter ethics, and will become knowledgeable stewards of our natural resources. Involvement in this program will instill a deep appreciation for wildlife and habitat management, and conservation. As hunter recruitment continues to decline, it is more important than ever, that we ensure new hunters have the skills to be successful, in the field, so that they will maintain long-term interest, in the future.

To learn more about how the program works, read the material provided by the National QDMA website.  Then, contact the Branch, before sending in any forms, to the National Office, so we can better assist in you in the process.

Become a QDMA Mentor, and join us in passing on our hunting heritage!